SEO has evolved drastically over the past several years and is guaranteed to continue evolving. Did you know that Google changes its algorithm over 500 times a year! This makes the task of successfully SEOing your web presence not only incredibly challenging, but also time consuming and never ending.

Here are 6 reasons why SEO should continue to be a priority in your Digital Marketing mix:

  1. Every day there are one billion Google searches performed worldwide and that number is not decreasing.
  2. 100% of searchers look at the organic side of search (the left-hand side).
  3. 85% of searchers will click on the organic side of search over paid.
  4. The average click-through rate (CTR) for the top organic search position in Google is approximately 36%, while the CTR for the top paid search position in Google is just 2%.
  5. The average CTR for organic search results on page one of Google is approximately 8%, versus only 2% CTR for paid search ads.
  6. Organic search is the #1 lead conversion tactic outranking email marketing and paid search.
Why are these statistics so strong? Simple. Searchers trust the relevancy and timeliness of Google’s organic search results. When we isolate Google’s organic search business, at its core is the simple concept of “relevancy.” Google is in the business of returning the most relevant search results to every person on this planet.
The Power of 3 is about creatingdistributing and measuring optimized marketing content that is targeted to your prospects. Content that they want and find relevant. It is also about creating fresh, relevant content for Google.

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